You Know You've Always Dreamed of Riding a Snowmobile

Make that dream a reality by booking a snowmobile rental in Featherville, ID

Slicing across snow-laden slopes is a feeling unlike anything else. Experience this thrill for yourself by booking a snowmobile rental with Trinity Mountain Recreation. Located in Featherville, ID, our company provides snowmobile rental services for you to enjoy.

Our snowmobiles come with downloaded trail systems, guided GPS tours and full-face helmets or goggles. You can choose either a one-seat snowmobile rental or a two-seater. Call 208-391-9559 now to learn more about our snowmobile rental services.

So you have the what?

If you've never ridden a snowmobile, you might not be sure what you can really do with one. Here is a list of ideas designed to inspire your adventure:

Explore winter wonderlands on scenic trails
Achieve thrilling speeds
Create lasting memories with your friends and family
Capture stunning photos and videos of your snowmobile adventures
Combine snowmobiling with other activities like skiing or snowshoeing

Enjoy these amazing activities for yourself by booking snowmobile rental services today.