The Adventure Is Just Getting Started

Sign up for a guided UTV tour in Featherville, ID

Looking for things to do in Featherville, ID? Why not go on a guided UTV tour with Trinity Mountain Recreation? Our company creates exciting adventure packages absolutely filled to the brim with exciting possibilities.

This service is offered in partnership with Trinity Hot Springs and Greylock Lodge. The process is simple:

First, you rent a machine of your choice
Then, you adventure to Trinity Hot Springs for an overnight stay
The next morning, you enjoy breakfast at the cafe
Finally, you go on a guided UTV tour to Atlanta

Atlanta, Idaho has a historic mining and ghost town as cool as it is spooky. Intrigued? Call 208-391-9559 to set up your adventure package today.

Maximize your vacation time

You don't have to worry about running out of things to do when adventuring with us. Our guided UTV tours can be expanded to fit your taste. Whether you're looking to go on a dirt bike adventure or try out mountain exploring, we have you covered. There are also more hot springs, Airbnbs and beaver lodges than you can imagine.

Customize your adventure package today.